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Being a small business with big principles, we love working with brands who produce their merchandise in a sustainable, eco conscious way. Our belief is that every business, corporation and individual should contribute back to the community in some way or another. As such, we are pledging our commitment through donation of 5% from our profit.
Nina y Matija



We met Cath Witten (the original Sea Yogi), our inspiration and dear friend on a freediving liveaboard in the remote West Papuan islands of Raja Ampat in 2014. Faith would have it that Cath would move to Raja Ampat some months after this trip.

Looking for a way to contribute to her local community, she was often visiting the surrounding villages, all places with very basic amenities, no roads, no shops. Early 2016, she came across a school with limited facilities and a very limited access to books. The village had received funding to build a library and sure enough the building stood there, but no books were around. Cath reached out to on Facebook, asking friends to donate with either books or money, hoping to collect 100 books to fill the village library. Donations came from near and far and two years later four libraries have been filled with nearly 1500 books, and local schools supplied with writing materials in remote areas in Raja Ampat and Flores.

We cannot stress the importance of increasing literacy in these remote areas, providing the kids books that teach English, maths, and about the importance of preserving the sea that surrounds them and the life in it. Cath's current projects are still in Raja Ampat, but have now also been extended to remote communities in Flores. In addition to raising money for books, the focus has been expanded to also help the teachers in these communities, who often come from islands far away to thrive and perhaps stay longer to provide education.

We are extremely proud of what Cath has managed to pull together so far and are super excited over being able to contribute to her projects. Read more about it here.

Location - Indonesia

Purpose - Educate