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Plastic free July

Plastic free July
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Written by Nina Hoogstraate - @ninor

The sunny season is upon us. Long, balmy evenings, sandy beach days, tanned skin & salty hair… It ignites a certain romance within all of us; a lightness, a freedom. Routines change and adapt & you may be getting up earlier to practice yoga,  or even struggling to make it to the studio after work because you’d rather spend it outside with a glass of wine. It’s all about balance! Being fluid and adapting to what works for us is what’s most important.

As many of you may know, our passion for sustainability is one of the main reasons we started Sea Yogi. That’s why we carefully chose the brands to work with - each one of them ringing true to our ethos in some way, shape or form. We began as an online shop, and just over a year ago we took the big leap and opened a shop on the beautiful island of Mallorca. All our products we sell online are also available in the shop; so if you find yourself on the island at some point over the summer please come by and say hey (we love a chat and a good hug!)

Plastic is a pressing issue in terms of the health of the planet, and whilst seemingly difficult to cut it out of our lives completely, we are always trying our best to reduce, reuse and reimagine the most sustainable way of living.  

This month we're part-taking in Plastic Free July, an initiative that started in Western Australia in 2011 (only a handful of people joined that year; it has since blown up into a world-wide phenomenon). Aside from raising awareness about the toxicity of plastic, it’s a great way of challenging yourself and your community to change the way you buy and consume things. Be it for a week, a month, or maybe even longer - we would love it if you gave it a go. Below are some tips to start reducing your waste!

Avoid single use plastics - our supermarkets are filled to the brim with prepackaged goods. This is obviously super convenient for those of us who have very little time to cook, and really enjoy eating oreos. Cutting out single use plastics may seem impossible; however it’s very much worth a try. They are the main source of waste production; the type of plastic used is also widely un-recyclable. Another plus is that you’ll cut out so many unhealthy things, which leads us nicely on to the next tip…

Practice real self care - Shampoo and shower gel bottles are one of the hardest things to recycle, as it is made out of harder plastic. Replacing those with bars of soap will make a huge difference! (Also, most soap bars are at least 70% more natural and therefore better for your skin!) Many health & beauty shops are now offering shampoo ‘bars’ as a good alternative. Moisturize and condition your luscious locks with coconut oil and you’ll feel like a zero waste goddess!

Eat seasonal & fresh - buying seasonal produce isn’t just better for you, it also tastes 1000% better and is often cheaper (that being said, by seasonal we automatically mean seasonal in the part of the world in which you live; not buying a mango that was flown in from Mexico two days ago if you live in Spain). Eating in tune with the seasons on a largely plant-based diet will give you more vitality - you’ll feel much healthier. Try and live by this mantra; eat a rainbow for at least one meal a day (it also makes for a pretty picture for Instagram).

Go to the market - buying your fresh fruits and vegetables from the market doesn’t just minimise the amount of plastic you use, but is also a really nice way to support local, independent businesses and feel inspired to cook some new things! It is also a lovely way to spend a morning/afternoon. Pick up a basket or trolley, refuse the plastic bags and come home with an abundance of deliciousness.

Go bulk - buying your nuts, seeds, grains & coffee in bulk hugely reduces the amount of waste you create. Find a shop near you, stock up & you’re ready to go. It will also save you many trips to the supermarket and will make impromptu meals a delight instead of a struggle!

Think long term - Reuse your glass jars, buy wax paper instead of cling film to cover food, ditch the plastic straws and replace them with stainless steel ones, buy a thermos for your coffee, and reusable bottle for water - or wine (check our awesome Chilly bottles & stainless steel straws!). Not only will it clear your kitchen/life of clutter, it will definitely provoke some interesting conversation.

Invest in a durable yoga mat - it is both a blessing and a curse that there are so many amazing brands producing yoga gear nowadays; and finding a mat that will last you a lifetime of joy & non-slippery sweaty yoga practices can be a challenge. Manduka Pro & Pro Lite mats are made with the highest grade, Latex Free PVC,  while the eKO series are produced out of biodegradable natural tree rubber! A large chunk of Manduka’s focus is on reducing landfill and increasing awareness about sustainability, which is why we absolutely love them.

As Manduka says, “We believe that the practice and the planet are intertwined. To honor one, we honor both.”  

Whilst it may be a little challenging to go completely plastic free, remember to try and have a little fun with it too; if you need new toothpaste, why not try making some? Want to raise awareness beyond your personal habits? Why not see if there’s a beach clean nearby, or host a zero waste picnic in the park?

Let us know how you get on - tag us in your Instagram photos @seayogipalma